Administrative Ministry

This team provides administrative support for the senior pastors/overseers and pastoral staff and assist them in the day-to-day management and operations of the entire ministry and network.

C.U.P. Ministry

This is an amazing group of people who take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of the church, making God’s house look amazing on a continual basis.  We keep our buildings clean entirely based on volunteer resources and help is always welcomed with this necessary but rewarding task.  If you have a servant’s heart and a hour or two a week or month, the Clean Up People (C.U.P.) ministry is waiting for you to get plugged in.


Core Leadership Ministry

This team provides support to and assists the senior pastors and pastoral staff in leading, shepherding, serving the church, ministering to the membership, and carrying out the ministry of the church.


Drama Ministry

The drama ministry is designed to relay a biblical lesson or truth and to show real life scenarios by using gifted individuals who God has granted the abilities to display different emotions, speak well in front of crowds, dance, draw, design, play a musical instrument, sing.  We use humor to tell stories – to reach people for Jesus Christ and help Christians grow in their walk with God. Our slogan is “Laughing Our Stress Away”.


Educational Ministry

The educational department strives to acknowledge, foster, and encourage the academic accomplishments  and endeavors of youth and young adults in the ministry, through the recognition of their achievements and providing resources


Evangelistic Ministry 

The purpose of this ministry is to exalt Christ, evangelize to the lost, educate the community, edify one another, and equip the body.  We do this with several other departments within this ministry including the ‘I am My Brother's Keeper’ Ministry, Prison Ministry, Prayer Walkers, and Foot Soldiers.


Finance Ministry

The purpose of our Finance ministry is to assume the responsibility for the financial operations of the church and APIN network. This includes developing and monitoring yearly church budgets, financial recording and reporting, disbursement of funds, investment planning, and auditing of records for the church and the network.


Health & Wellness Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to establish and promote a healthy lifestyle by encouraging the body of Christ to participate in physical activities and incorporate a healthy diet, instilling the importance of health check-ups and preventive health measures that will enhance the personal health of our physical and emotional well being.


Intercessory Ministry

The intercessory team focus is to cover our senior leaders, church body, network, community and nation in prayer.  They also pray during our worship services in order to help create an atmosphere conducive thus allowing God’s Spirit to minister to individuals.


Marketplace Ministry

This ministry is to support upcoming and current running businesses within our church and network to impact the marketplace for God on the seven mountains


Men's Ministry

A ministry designed to educate, cultivate, and activate men to walk in their purpose, calling, and destiny as it relates to the word of God.  This ministry empowers men to know their "area of rule" in their homes, on their jobs, and in ministry.  This ministry uses awesome, dynamic, and interactive bible-based teachings in settings such as men's gatherings, men's conferences, and men's fellowships challenging men to communicate effectively, be accountable toward one another, and to sharpen one another as indicated in the word of God (Proverbs 27:17).  We believe these strategies along with God's wisdom and revelation will enable men to impact their homes, ministries, jobs, and neighborhoods bringing about social transformation for God's people, thus making God famous. 


Ministry of Helps

This team is designed to render support or assistance to others in the church in carrying out any needed responsibilities and duties.   This includes providing help for the overseers, senior leaders, various ministries and individuals within our church and network.


Music Ministry

Praise Team/Sanctified Band - The purpose of the PLEC Praise Team and Sanctified Band is to lead the congregation into worship experiences with God through music and song.  We believe that worship is about encountering God. Through worship we desire to engage our hearts, our minds, and entire beings in the presence of God.

The Garment of Praise Dance Ministry - The Garment of Praise dance team helps to create an atmosphere during worship services and corporate settings to usher the congregation into the presence of God through dance, movement, and visual aides, while establishing kingdom rule in worship and in warfare expressions. 

The Garment of Praise Flag Ministry – This team serves to establish an atmosphere of praise and worship during ministry events and services.  Through flag movement they assist the music department and dance team in activating worship corporately unto God making the settings conducive for the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.


Pastoral Care Ministry

This outreach ministry ministers to the sick, hospitalized, shut-in, or bereaved members of the congregation. This ministry also provides support for new members and newly born-again believers assisting them in their transition into the ministry and/or their walk with Christ.


Prophetic Ministry

The Prophetic Ministry consists of a team of individuals who are gifted in the area of the prophecy and the revelatory gifts. The purpose is to help provide a strong prophetic voice within the ministry to assist the overseers and senior leaders in knowing what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church locally and beyond.


Single's Ministry

This ministry provides support and activities for single individuals to cultivate a love and appreciation in singleness and to enjoy ‘The Better Before The Bands


Special Events Ministry

The special events ministry is a team of dedicated individuals who facilitate and organize all major church-wide events that the ministry and/or network hosts.  This ministry is a collaboration of the culinary and beautification teams, while working with other teams in the ministry to plan and execute fruitful and enjoyable corporate events.


Usher & Greeter Ministry

The usher and greeters ministry extends beyond showing an individual to his or her seat.  Their mission is to greet each member, visitor, or guest and make them feel comfortable as their visit our ministry. Their goal is to create an atmosphere that erases negativity and renews the loving spirit through smiles, hugs, and a warm spirit from the moment they enter the parking until the time they leave the service or event.


Women's Ministry

This ministry specializes in preparing women for their work in ministry and the edification of the body of Christ through interactive bible based teaching and training in a setting tailored just for women and their specific natural and spiritual needs.


Youth Ministry

This ministry’s  purpose is to educate and minister to youth and teens to cultivate a taste for Christian living and developing a relationship with Jesus in their early years through various activities tailored for youth.